We have a variety of different servers to meet your needs. You will have access to the whole server – do whatever you want with it. You can install a new operating system, install any software, and adapt the server to meet your needs. Our friendly staff will set up your server as well as help you. Just contact us, whenever it’s setting a load balancing server or store 10 TB of data – we can help.

Mac Mini
The Mac Mini is a powerful yet affordable server. It runs the state of the art Mac OS, with support for any enviroment – Apache/PHP/MySQL can run natively, or Windows/ASP can be virtualized. We will set up your server and you will be able to use a VNC client to remotely access it, just like if you were in front of it. Of course, if you need any help, we’re here.

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Comes with 2GB RAM (with support for up to 8GB)
Comes with 320GB SATA HDD – if you need more, don’t worry, contact us
Price: $500 / year. The Mac mini is $599.

Sign Up Today! The Mac Mini is strongly recommended.

Server Number Two
We can also co-locate your own servers. Just contact us.


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